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Our Philosophy
At Cypress K-8 Center we are moving towards excellence through the 3 R’s Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.
Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the tools necessary for success in this ever-changing world. We offer a Full-Time Self-Contained GIFTED program (Grades 1-6) and an Extended Foreign Language program (In selected grades)
Full STEAM Ahead at Cypress K-8
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What is STEAM?
America is once again turning to innovation as a way to ensure a prosperous future.
However, innovation remains tightly linked with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – (STEM).
Art + Design are methods to transform our economy in the 21st century,  the same as science and technology did in past centuries.
By integrating Art + Design to the equation — to transform STEM into STEAM we are incorporating all of the necessary methods to ensure higher education integration.
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School Club News

To further our mission, Cypress K-8 Center offers a variety of extra-curricular clubs for our students to join and are offered to as many students as possible.
Some clubs are open to all students while enrollment in others is by invitation or audition.
Most clubs require a teacher recommendation before a student may join. 

As with any school function, appropriate behavior and effort is required to continue with any of the programs. Continuous attendance is required so the student can gain the most benefit from the programs. 

Students who are in the After School Care program can participate in the following clubs. 

Safety Patrol
Ms. Hidalgo

Future Educators of America

Cougars School Broadcasting Team
Ms. P. Rodriguez

4th and 5th Grade students continue to work hard with the student population and parents on the smooth operation of daily school traffic.
Teacher-sponsored and student-run morning broadcast featuring 4th- 5th Grade students as anchors and behind-the-scenes personnel starting in their own school-wide live broadcast.
4th and 5th Grade students continue to work hard with the student population and parents on the smooth operation of daily school traffic.

Ms. Casais

Student Council
Ms. Silva

The students in cheerleading lead our school in creating an atmosphere of support for our sports teams as well as a fun culture where school spirit is a driving force.

JV Basketball

4th, 5th & 6th Grade students who have demonstrated leadership qualities on a regular basis are chosen to assist the faculty and staff in school functions that support the school and community. 
5th & 6th grade students interested in running for Student Council Officers campaign the 1st month of school.  Homeroom Representatives are selected after officers elections have been conducted and they are selected by their classmates and their homeroom teachers.
Our goal is to improve our school. We participate in canned food drives, toy drives and other activities to serve the community. Representatives are responsible students and are expected to work independently. They should have a "1" in effort and an "A" in conduct as they are representing their class and are the leadership role models for our school.
6th grade students begin training to compete again rival schools. Through had work and teambuilding students learn the value of sportsmanship and sport disciplines.

Green Machine
Ms. Cabrera/ Ms. rodriguez

4th, 5th and 6th grade students gather together after-school every Tuesday to do a variety of hands-on activities where they are learning GREEN methods that enable people in our community to help keep our environment sanitary. In addition, our students get ready to participate for various competitions in the SECME Olympiad.